Learning outside the classroom at EB 2 and 3 in Celeirós


Pretendemos contar os insetos polinizadores da nossa horta escolar.

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“Currently, the majority of children and young people do not have close relationships with horticulture. In this sense, the existence of a garden at school is an opportunity to bring students closer to nature and introduce them to fresh, healthy foods. As a green space, the garden also functions as an oasis of biodiversity in urban areas, where many animals seek food and refuge. Indeed, creating a vegetable garden rich in different plant species will contribute not only to the maintenance of healthy soils, but also to the knowledge of useful insects, such as pollinators.”

“Insect pollination increases the size, quality and shelf life of fruits, and increases the commercial value of food”

It was these premises that this academic year led us to join the “Pollinators in Action” project.

This spring we have been working on counting the pollinators in our school garden. For ten minutes in a surrounded space, we counted honey bees, bumblebees, wild bees, butterflies, hoverflies, flies, beetles, wasps, and other insects such as ladybugs.

It has been very interesting work, as we have had the surprise of counting many insects in our flowering garden. The existence of many pollinators is an excellent indicator of biodiversity.

Pollinators play a fundamental role in the formation of fruits, both in horticultural plants and our fruit trees.

It’s another opportunity to learn outside the classroom, which the Ciência Viva project has provided us with and Global Action Day encouraged us to boost. Of course, we gladly agreed.

Professor Graça Pereira

Coordinator of Eco-Schools of the Celeirós Group



Conhecer os polinizadores para dar importância ao seu trabalho na polinização das plantas e produção de frutos.

Valorizar a biodiversidade da horta escolar.

Eb 2 e 3 de Celeirós | Braga
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